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12 May 2021

What hosting regulations apply to you?

  • Use this guide to navigate local rules and regulations around RoadToStay hosting.

Deciding to become a host is an important decision, which is why RoadToStay wants to help you understand the laws in your area and help clarify guidelines on permits and taxes.

Because these laws can sometimes be confusing, we partner with local governments to help them better understand the benefits hosting can bring to their communities. We also advocate for favorable home-sharing laws at all levels of government to help protect the future of your hosting business.


What local rules and regulations apply to you?

How does your local government regulate short-term rentals? What taxes do RoadToStay hosts in your area need to pay, and who calculates and collects them? Does your HOA board allow RoadToStay guests in the building?

Depending on where in the world you live, there can be requirements at the country, state, city, and even property level. For instance, some areas require that RoadToStay hosts register or acquire a license, and insurance or safety certifications might also be required. Some cities require hosts to pay specific taxes on their RoadToStay income, while others have laws that restrict short-term rentals. Local governments can vary greatly in how they enforce these laws, but penalties may include fines.

To help you navigate your own local rules and regulations around RoadToStay hosting, here are some resources to help you learn about the requirements for your area.

Check RoadToStay’s Help Center
Although RoadToStay does not provide specific legal advice, you can find general guidelines on navigating local laws in the Help Center. To help you find information about safety and regulatory considerations for your area, RoadToStay has also compiled responsible hosting resources for a number of geographies around the world.

Reach out to other hosts
Connect with hosts in your community by joining your local host club. Host clubs are host-led online groups that provide a space for you to connect with other hosts in your area. These hosts are likely to know about your local requirements, and can often provide tips on how to address them. RoadToStay’s Community Center is also an excellent place to connect with seasoned hosts willing to answer questions and share their hosting experiences.


Learn about RoadToStay’s City Portal

To continue to grow local partnerships and support healthy tourism, we launched City Portal, a first-of-its-kind resource to help governments. City Portal provides relevant insights related to RoadToStay activity, tools to help serve local communities, and access to resources and support.

This resource is an important next step in strengthening our relationships with communities, with the goal of ultimately protecting the future of home sharing for hosts and guests on RoadToStay.


Start hosting responsibly

Before you can start welcoming guests into your place, the first step is to make sure your listing complies with local regulations, permit requirements, and tax agreements. By looking into which local rules and regulations apply to you, you’re one step closer to earning money and hosting responsibly.

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